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Because oral health is inextricably linked to overall health (connected to many systemic diseases such as heart & stroke, some cancers, pre-term birth, dementia, diabetes, etc.), it’s so incredibly important that you and your loved ones receive regular professional dental care. If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, sedation dentistry may help. It’s also great for allowing us to provide multiple treatments at one time. There are four different types or levels of sedation available at Grove City Dental:

Inhaled Minimum Sedation – The lowest level of sedation is called inhaled minimal sedation. If you opt for this level, you will breathe in Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) throughout treatment. You will remain awake, but you will be very relaxed. The effect of the gas does not last long once your treatment is complete.

Oral Sedation – A prescribed sedative pill will make you feel tired and groggy, and you may fall asleep during your procedure. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Moderate Sedation – A sedative drug is administered intravenously. This allows Dr. Schumann to adjust the amount of medicine throughout the procedure to keep you comfortable. You will need someone to pick you up after your appointment.

General Anesthesia – Throughout your treatment, you will be in a deep sleep. This may be ideal for certain oral surgeries or other complex dental work. You will need someone to assist and care for you following the procedure.

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