At Grove City Dental, we believe in using whatever technology is available to make your visits more convenient – and the results more predictable. Some even help us communicate more clearly so you can feel confident in every decision you make for your family’s care.

DIAGNOdent™ Pen

We use the DIAGNOdent™ Pen to find evidence of caries (or cavities), even when they’re hidden away from sight. The pen is a laser-fluorescent device that produces different colors when it encounters different tooth conditions. It can find the tiniest cavity, which means we can begin treatment at a very early stage – which will save you time and money. Plus, the technique is painless, non-invasive, and avoids the use of x-rays or indeed any exposure to radiation.

Digital Photos and X-rays

Digital photographs are an excellent tool that can help us communicate with your insurance company. They also help us show you what we see when we examine your mouth so you can have a clearer insight into your dental treatment plan.

Digital x-rays give us so much flexibility when it comes to radiation exposure. With different settings for kids, adults, and those who have undergone radiation treatment, we can tailor your x-ray experience based on your individual needs and safety requirements. Plus, with no chemicals or plates, they’re safer for our environment and the team that delivers your dental care.

X-rays can benefit you by alerting us to…

  • decay on tooth surfaces and under fillings and other restorations
  • bone loss due to gum disease
  • impacted teeth below the gums
  • hidden infections and abnormalities
  • missing or extra permanent teeth

Oral Cancer Screening (DESIGN, this is a section title – no need to add any #links to get here)

Oral cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease. Because almost 70% of all people with oral cancer are diagnosed in the later stages, the five-year survival rate is only 50%. But the survival rate skyrockets to 90% for oral cancers discovered in their early stages. That’s why we use state-of-the-art screening technology to find problem areas sooner. If you have any oral lesions that have not healed in two weeks – give us a call for a screening.

ViziLite Pro®

ViziLite is a simple, painless, and non-invasive device that helps us detect what we can’t see with unaided eyes. With ViziLite, we can evaluate, monitor, or recommend treatment for suspicious areas at their earliest stages before there is any progression toward life-threatening conditions.


Identafi 3000 is very patient-friendly. It uses white, violet, and amber wavelengths of light to monitor your body’s natural tissue properties and biochemical changes that we can’t see with the unaided eye. The ability to evaluate and keep an eye on suspicious areas of the mouth, tongue, and lip at their earliest stages is a crucial component of early diagnosis and intervention.

iTero Element 2 Scanner

Millions of people today are looking great with healthy smiles thanks to dentistry’s ability to protect and strengthen damaged teeth and rejuvenate smiles. We’re thrilled to tell you that you can now receive digital impressions when you need a restorative crown or bridge treatment, or for your family’s Invisalign® or Invisalign Teen® clear aligner treatment.

The iTero Digital Impression System offers…

  • Comfort – No goopy mess, unpleasant taste, or gagging
  • Efficiency – Complete scans in 5 minutes
  • Control – Stop and start as many times as you need
  • Precision – Precise imaging means precise restorations that fit great.

We want you to be comfortable during all stages of your dental care … including when you need dental impressions.

Smile Simulation

If there is some aspect of your smile that you’re not happy with, you may wonder what you’d look like with that perfect smile of your dreams. Will it be worth the time? Will it really give you the results you’re looking for? Thanks to PreVU Dental, our same-day Smile Simulation software can show you the results of any treatments you are considering – in only three minutes! Not quite happy with the look? Just say so – and we’ll work together until your smile simulation matches your personal hopes and desires for your smile. Call for a consultation today and you could be planning your dream smile tomorrow!

CBCT Vatech 3D Cone Beam

There are a number of reasons we’d want to see a clear, 3-dimensional image of your teeth, jaws, and neck structure. We love the comprehensive 3D imaging of your anatomy from any angle which allows accurate evaluation of your jaw function, bone health, tooth structure, and the health of soft tissues.

Here is why our patients love it.

  • no bitewings or sensors in your mouth because the image is taken from outside your body
  • lower radiation than traditional x-rays
  • 3D images for digital record-keeping which can be viewed chairside or transferred instantly
  • astonishing speed – it takes only seconds
  • incredible accuracy for precision planning and placement of implants

And there’s one more great benefit everyone on the team is proud of. You can access this sophisticated technology right here – no need for hospital or specialist referrals … just one-stop convenience!

Electric Kavo

Many people avoid dental visits because of the sounds that come out of the dental drill. Unfortunately, when there is a problem that goes undetected because of dental avoidance, correcting the issues takes more time and is more invasive than treating issues while they’re small.

We understand this anxiety and embrace whatever tools we need to help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair.

The Electric Kavo does that and more. This small dental handpiece is quieter than tradition dental handpieces, feels smoother while we’re removing decay, and is more accurate – meaning we don’t need to remove as much healthy tooth material when we’re prepping for a filling. It’s faster too!

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