The Science Of Saving Teeth

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a tooth saver!

You may not be able to see it, but structures inside your tooth could be inflamed or abscessed. You might experience some symptoms like sensitivity to cold or heat, a constant throbbing ache or pain when you chew ... or you may feel nothing at all. Whether you know about it or not, internal damage will worsen over time. Eventually it could mean lost teeth and gaps in your smile.

At least that’s what would happen without our help. Treating internal damage is a special area of dentistry. It’s called endodontics or root canal therapy. Using special tests and radiographs, we can detect internal damage and repair it before it destroys your tooth from the inside out.

Root canal therapy is a way of stopping an infection in the root of a tooth from spreading to the rest of the tooth and jawbone where it can cause painful abscesses and tooth loss. During treatment, infected soft tissue inside the root is removed through a tiny opening in the top of the tooth. The hole is filled and then the outside of the tooth is restored to its normal appearance and function.

Like most problems, the sooner infections are treated the better. That’s it’s important to attend regular dental checkups even if you don’t feel any pain. If you’re due for an examination, don’t wait, call us today.

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