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We know how important your smile is to your lifestyle, your career, and your self-esteem. This is why we offer our patients the very best of the new techniques and technologies that have revolutionized 21st century dentistry.


A veneer is an extremely thin – yet strong – tooth-colored porcelain shell that covers the front surface of your tooth. Here are some of the benefits of veneers, in addition to helping your smile stand out:

  • Brighten teeth that have been discolored by coffee, tea, red wine, or even medications like tetracycline
  • Hide cracks, small gaps, and chips
  • Correct misshapen teeth
  • Straighten the look of slightly crooked or recessed teeth
  • Create uniformity in your smile by correcting color, shape, and size of a tooth (or teeth).


Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens and are placed over existing teeth without having to remove tooth structure. There’s no drilling, no needles, and no loss of tooth enamel. And they can be created and applied in just two or three visits. Lumineers are clinically proven to last over twenty years and are completely reversible.

At Grove City Dental, we’ve come to appreciate just how much this amazing new technology can improve your smile – and in just two to three painless visits!

If you’d like to improve stained, chipped, or discolored teeth please give us call. Lumineers may be the perfect solution for you and your smile!

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