It is simple to comprehend why you could be feeling a bit anxious about seeing your dentist. In fact, it is one of the most common fears. So don’t feel bad or embarrassed about this fear.

75px-Tooth_Section.svg_1English: Cross section showing parts of tooth. Deutsch: Querschnitt eines Zahns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grove City Dental has had extensive experience in working with patients who have a strong fear of going to the dentist and our staff as well as our use of sedation dentistry is perfect to help you overcome this understandable fear. It is the proverbial ‘stuck between a rock and a hard spot’ when you have a fear of going to the dentist and you need some assistance with your teeth such as getting dental crowns. It may be difficult because in the past getting a crown required going back and forth to the dentist over an extended period of time and the multiple visits as well as just the knowledge and awareness of the need to go to the dentist multiple times creates an even stronger fear so much so that in some cases people will opt to leave in the embarrassment of missing or chipped teeth as well as pain, but same day dentistry makes a large portion of these type of cases a thing of the past. Same day dentistry means that some dental crowns can be custom created with precision lead edge equipment right in the Grove City Dental offics so that you can reduce the number of visits to have a dental crown created and applied down to in most cases just 1 dental visit. That saves you time, emotional energy, and often saves you money and grief.

Dental crowns are employed for many different reasons including the preservation of as much of the original tooth structure as possible so it does not have to be removed. Dental crowns may also be used in conjuction with some other treatments. In case your tooth is damaged, or it has dropped its protective enamel which may cause it to deteriorate, then you should reinforce the tooth. Perhaps this is a tooth which has had difficulties previously. It can be held by a large filling all in there together but a few of those can be delicate if they’re large, and they also frequently aren’t as powerful as the tooth and may weaken the complete construction, while fillings aid to prevent cavities from becoming larger. There are cases when the tooth could seem very gray and dark, and if the darkened or gray ‘dead’ tooth is in the front then a dental crown process can help conceal the fact your tooth is dead underneath, with a good impact on your overall smile in terms of it’s cosmetic appearance.

Your dentist will walk you through your alternatives, and help you decide what direction is best for you and your particular situation. In fact, Grove City Dental most often will give you what we call our ‘Good, Better, Best’ scenario where we provide you with the 3 cases that will take care of your situation with good, better, and best overall healthy and great looking smiles. The ultimate goal is for you to have a 100% healthy mouth, but we recognize that you may need to take steps to arrive at the goal. So give Grove City Dental a call today to set a time to get together and allow us to help you the way we’ve helped so many others to manage their fear and get the ‘top notch’ dental treatment and care you deserve because you and your smile are worth it. Call 614-808-1700 and take the first step to a younger, sexier, healthier smile. We promise that we will not make you feel embarrassed or ashamed and once again we work with people who have very strong fear about going to the dentist. It’s not your fault and we understand so simply give us a call and we’ll help you every step of the way. Call 614-808-1700 today.


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