When the weather drops and the cold air is blowing it is not uncommon for some people to experience pain from the cold air if their teeth are exposed. Even wearing a scarf may not help alleviate the excruciating pain in your teeth often associated with sensitive teeth.

Toothbrush and toothpaste harm might function as most frequent source of sensitive teeth. By cleaning too tough and/or utilizing abrasive toothpaste, perhaps you are removing tooth structure in the necks of your teeth.

This may result in hurting, particularly to cold beverages, meals, and cold air, but likewise to applied pressure, warm, hot, and or sweet and sour materials also may negatively impact sensitive teeth.

The explanation for the hurting is uncovered dentine – the interior material of the tooth, which will be covered by enamel. The enamel might get rather slim, specially where the tooth satisfies the root (in the gum-line). The rooth is covered in a material called cementum, which can be readily worn away. Dentine includes small tunnels (tubules) that connect to the nerves inside of the tooth, when dentine is uncovered, these nerves may be excited, causing painful sensation.

Other things which may cause sensitive teeth contain:

acid erosion,
Gingiva recession,
Gums disease,
tooth grinding,
tooth bleaching, and
a cracked tooth or filling.

To prevent more damage, brush your teeth softly and avoid using abrasive toothpastes. It’s important to see your dentist to be sure that the cause of the sensitivity is not something more serious to your dental health. You may be able to use an over the counter solution (beware some may do more harm than good that is why seeing a qualified dentist is important) or you may require services that only a professional dentist may be able to provide. The only way to find out is through an evaluation.

High-fluoride mouthwashes

Not everybody finds that delicate toothpastes function well for them so in addition you may choose to use a non-alcohol gargle having a higher fluoride content as an alternative. Many are particularly built to lessen susceptibility to the sensitivity. Once again there are some that are available only at the dentist and they are extremely effective in helping to reduce the pain and there are some that are available over the counter that may or may not be as effective for you.

Sensitive teeth can really be a pain and the pun is intended. But often times there is a solution that can work fairly quickly and provide long lasting relief. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and share with you what options are availble for you here at Grove City Dental. Cold weather should not stop your warm smile. Let Grove City Dental help put that amazing smile back on your face even if it’s 40 below zero outside!


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