If you’ve never been to Grove City Dental then I’d like to invite you to come and experience the Grove City Dental Experience. And if you’ve been here then you know just how passionate I am about people using a straw when they drink anything. In fact, some people think I’m CRAZY because I’m constantly on my patients and staff to try to reduce the risk of cavities and surprisingly a straw can make a big difference. But it is not the solution and when you watch the video below you’ll soon discover that the challenge of more and more cavities at younger ages is getting worse.

One of the reasons there is  such a large increase is the deception of what is bad for your teeth. Everyone knows that the sugar content is bad for the teeth, but very few people under stand that acid content of a drink is very harmful and this is a silent killer of teeth. Drinks that you’d think are ‘good’ for you such as Gatorade and other sports drinks are good in some ways, but TERRIBLE for your teeth. And the number of children’s drinks that provide some vitamins may not be providing the best environment for your teeth. The proper professional cleaning and daily brushing is vital for your toddler’s dental health.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Grove City or looking to establish yourself with a dentist in Columbus, Oh, because you need of an assessment for your children’s dental health or if you suspect your child has a cavity it is in your best interest to get it cared for as soon as possible because the situation will not just take care of itself and the long term consequences.

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