300px-FillingEnglish: Mercury filling on first molar, shown upside down (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

White tooth colored fillings are fast replacing those awful old silver or alloy amalgam fillings of the old days – and it’s no wonder.

Most people hate the old fashioned tooth fillings because the biggest issue with silver fillings is they ultimately turn black. Literally, they turn black. The exact opposite color of what you want your teeth to be.

They also feature modest quantities of mercury, which is fairly toxic. Indeed, many dentists now will not use amalgam due to the mercury part. And for the ones that say it is only a little bit…the question you have to ask yourself is how much poisen to you want in your mouth?

Now, although white or composite fillings have existed since the 60’s, it is only recently that they’ve become powerful and tough enough to be put in back teeth where the majority of the chewing is finished. This is the big reason that many dentist used to use for why they still use the old amalgam fillings…but since they are no longer ‘stronger’ then there is really no longer an excuse to use the ‘black fillings’ vs the white fillings.

This video below will give you more information about the many benefits of white fillings.

– See more at: http://grovecitydental.com/blog/tooth-colored-fillings-vsugly-black-fillings-grove-city-dental-video-takes-closer/#sthash.3MPE2xf1.dpuf


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