LeBron_James_2011-03-30_brightenedEnglish: Basketball player LeBron James during the game Washington Wizards versus Miami Heat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Does Grove City Dental Have In Common With LeBron James, Jimmy Jackson, Michael Redd, & Evan Turner?

As your dentist in Grove City, Oh you may not know that I’m an AVID basketball fan. In fact, you could say that I’m a unique blend of basketball & NASCAR lover who bleeds Scarlet & Gray. O-H-I-O!!!!!

As a competitive basketball player a few years back I was fortunate to play against a number of Ohio State basketball players and as a result I’m still very close to the basketball community in general. This exposure let me know that when you’re dealing with excellence it is the small things that the greats do that makes them truly great. And this greatness carries over into the pro level provided they ‘stick to their knitting’ and not stray from what creates success.

A common denominator with the greats is they all have a great coach. And LeBron, Michael, & Evan as well as Jimmy Jackson and many others all have had shooting coach Johnny Clark. Johnny may be small in stature, but he is a giant when it comes to helping great players become even better. In that same light, my dental practice strives to help our patients smile to become even better regardless of your current situation.

Listen to what Johnny has to say about Grove City Dental and if you know of anyone who wants to take their basketball game to the next level then you should go to the shooting coach for the stars http://www.jump25.com and tell Johnny that Dr. Schumann sent you so he can give you a special deal. Johnny is the best. And if you or if you know anyone who wants to take their smile to the next level then give us a call at 614-808-1700. If you’re not sure about coming to Grove City Dental, then just listen to who Johnny says is the best… and here’s a hint… he didn’t say it was LeBron… Oh yes!!

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